Ni Hao

A few months ago during a crazy addiction to amazon.com, I stocked up on some dvd's, cd's, and books to start the twins off with some early Chinese for when they started talking. Of course, after spending a small fortune, I discovered the most adorable tv show on Nick Jr. called Nia Hao Kai Lan...it's supposed to be a Chinese Dora I guess? It teaches them basic Chinese as well as some Chinese traditions...for free! I love it, and so do the kids...how did I not know about this show?! Oh well, at least now they have a variety of things to learn from...but next time I will spend more time researching before going too crazy with the online shopping {maybe?}. I think next week I am going to start introducing them to the dvd's since they are trying to communicate more with words as of late,

although it is soooo adorable when they look at you
and are rambling on with their baby talk
like they know what they are saying
*blink blink*
...stay tuned


Costume fitting....

We decided to try the kids Halloween costumes on since we bought them before they were born :) I think Daddy had more fun then they did...


So, I am anxiously (...and nervously) awaiting the news about whether my DH is going to get commissioned into the Air force. He had his interview which went very well, and his packet was sent out this week, so now ....we wait. I am pretty confident he will get in, he is prior Air force and is currently an Officer in the PHS, and he has a lot of really great accomplishments....it's the where that has me so crazy! I want to know where we will end up, ya know!? I am also ready to get off of this Reservation and back into civilization.

He had to make a list of 8 bases that he would like to be stationed at, so we would be going to one of these places:

Hawaii *aloha, I LOVE Hawaiin food!*

Virginia this would be ideal since we have friends who will be stationed at the Navy base nearby around the same time

Ohio ugh, my DH has friends here I guess

Washington would love this, they have a great Chinatown I hear, and my DH's mum lives close by

North Carolina no objections, this is where I am from and I have family all over the place

Japan how cool would that be?! my DH was born there and I love the culture *and food!*

Maryland I have no opinion either way

Germany seriously? no thanks! why did he pick this? oh yes...the cars


where to start...

I have tried several times, unsuccessfully might I add, to start a blog...and keep up with it. At this point, I have a lot of time on my hands...and at the same time...not enough time...so we will see what happens. I make no promises :)

I am a SAHM {stay.at.home.mom} of 9 months old twins... they are 1/4 Indonesian 1/4 Chinese and 1/2 plain ole white American me. My goal is for them to know all of their cultures....traditions, food, and fun. This blog is about my adventures (...and misadventures) in trying to do so, as well as the usual ramblings of a mom in need of some venting.

Wish me luck!