Thursday Thunks

1. Have you ever started your Christmas tree on fire? eeeek! not yet *knock on wood*
2. How many rings do you wear? none at the moment...I have kids, so I wash too many dishes to wear my rings!
3. I say "dog barking", you say _______? SHUTTY!
4. How many pictures are in the room that you are in? 2 frames but 5 total pics....all of the kids of course...oh no, I am becoming one of THOSE moms! Time to go through the photo box :)
5. Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas? I usually only decorate outside for Halloween
6. What's your favorite Christmas song? "All I Want For Christmas Is You", and "Santa Baby"
7. What do you fill your Christmas stockings with? candy, scratch tickets, and little things that are too small to wrap
8. How many times a week do you charge your cell phone? my cell phone doesn't work out here, but I used to have to charge it every other night...it was my main phone, so it got a lot of mileage :)
9. Do you own any exercise equipment? What are they? my hubsy has the total gym thing, he wants ab's like Jason Statham he says...I am not objecting :)
10. What's your cookie jar look like? it's a big glass chinese take out box!

Thanks for the Christmas questions Berleen!!!