Sushi Luv

Yesterday we went for lunch at a really great sushi place called Sushi Ave ...really delicious food, atmosphere could use some work, but it's also probably not meant for people like us with a herd of babies {ok, 2 babies, but it feels like so much more!lol}. I got two of the Las Vegas Roll which consists of salmon, crab, cream cheese and avocado...and it's tempura fried *drool*. I know it's probably not the healthiest choice but it's ohhhhhh so good :) The twins were totally fascinated by the bright red chopsticks, which of course made me google baby chopsticks when I got home. Now this is totally unpractical for their age, but one thing you have to understand about me is that I am a research junkie. So, while my intentions are not to purchase them right now, I have to know where to find them when I do want to buy them in the future....this is a very self annoying quality of mine, but I have learned to live with it :)
During my googling I came across this really fun wooden play sushi set at a place called Oliebollen . If you have children, or are looking for some great gifts ideas for one, you should check out their website.They have some very original kids toys you'll never find at stores, and the prices are very reasonable as well. I will definitely be ordering the sushi set for their birthday next year!