Over the weekend we went to our favorite Asian market called Lee Lee Market {located in Chandler, AZ} . We go at least once a week to stock up on our favorite goodies, and it's amazing to us that no matter what day of the week, or what time for that matter, the market is ALWAYS buzzing with swarms of people! It's not just the market there either, there is a strip mall next to it that would remind you of a mini China town. You can go shopping for some BOBA tea, asian dvds/music, kawaii gifts, eat some Dim Sum , and go to the Manila bakery for just about anything you could imagine.

As far as our goodies, this time we got some fresh DẦU CHÁO QUẢY , which the twins had for the first time and LOVED, also some pork filled buns, fresh baked cheese bread, frozen dim sum {which is soooo not as good as the fresh stuff btw!}, and of course some pork potstickers {my fave}. We buy our meats here as well, they have a great selection, and the fish and produce sections are just as big! I love that the aisles are seperated by country too, it makes finding things a lot easier.

Also located in the strip mall is our favorite Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Van, where we usually grab some lunch. Not only is the food drool worthy, the place is always so clean and the staff is very friendly, they always remember us. I have yet to try the Pho because I am stuck on the same Bun dish every time, I love it, and can't bring myself to order anything else. I will probably miss this place the most when we do get re-stationed . I have looked up the recipe for Bun Thit Nuong Tom Cha Gio as it does not seem to be too difficult and Lee Lee's has everything I need to make it, but I know it will never taste quite as good.

{Lee Lee's photo from yelp.com & Bun photo from pho-van.com}