photo fun with picnik!

The one thing I might love more then blogging is photo editing...I am not a professional, but it's so much fun! I have a few programs on my pc, but my newest fave is one I can use right online, it's called picnik ! Here are a few I did today {can you tell I love Polaroids?}, I am actually going to incorporate them into the banner for my "first year blog" for the twins!

These are just a few options....there are 1,000's of other things you can do with your pictures. Let me know what you think of picnik... if you use it, I'd love to see your photo projects too!

p.s., the white borders around the pictures are not apart of the pictures themselves, blogger just adds them to the pics I post for some strange reason....argh!


Amy said...

Jax- super cute!!! I am going to have to check that site out. I am wanting to get together some pics for their first year. My oh my have we come a long way =-)