Facebook is killing my BLOG!

I have been severely neglecting my blog lately...I can blame most of it on the craziness of the holidays, my mother-in-law visiting, hubby on vacation, work for Luca, the twins 1st birthday, and my husbands grandfather passing away, but the real blame must go to FACEBOOK! The little time and energy that I have had to go online lately goes to Facebook...I think it is because I can easily interact with friends and family on there, but I am thinking of going on hiatus from it, or deleting it all together. I love my blog, and I really enjoy blogging about this, that, and everything else, I just need a kick in the pants I guess. Thank god for Thursday Thunks to keep the ball rolling in here...slowly but surely. I have so much to blog about and lots to share, so my new year's resolution...as much as I hate to make one, is to get back to my blogging!!!!

Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me! Please stay tuned ...