Saturday 6

Saturday Six - Green!

  1. Do you recycle? Yes! GO GREEN BABY!
  2. Have you fitted any energy saving light bulbs? yes, we replaced all the bulbs in the house
  3. If you don’t have far to go, do you walk or still use your car? where I live we have to drive everywhere...but I love walking!
  4. Have you turned down your thermostats by one degree? We keep our thermo pretty low most of the day...night time is when it gets cold enough for the heat...one of the great perks of living in AZ!
  5. Do you leave your TV etc on standby or turn it off at the wall? I keep it on more then I should for background noise
  6. Do you wash your clothes on a 30 setting or higher? I'm not sure...my hubby does the laundry! (I know, right!?)
*yes that's my Punky, she loves to GO GREEN too!


Blazing Minds said...

Hi, a big thanks for taking part in this weeks Saturday Six.

Ria said...

Hi there followed you through Fuel my Blog. :D

Anonymous said...


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Primary Work at Home said...

Nice shirt. I like it. :)