Friday's Meme's

I have been so super busy lately with an exciting new project for my friend Luca, so I haven't had much time to keep up with my blog lately :( For now, here are some Friday meme's...maybe you will find out some silly stuff about me you didn't already know :)

1. Snow angels.

2. I'm looking forward to Oma Lani coming for Christmas.

3. My coffee this morning is the best coffee ever! (it was a loooong night again lastnight)

4. One of my favorite old tv shows is Magnum P.I.

5. I'm done with cheese balls.

6. The most enjoyable thing around the holidays is everything! I love this time of year, especially since it doesn't involve snow this time :)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to bed early, tomorrow my plans include getting up early and going shopping out of town again (am I crazy?!) and Sunday, I want to be lazy and watch movies all day!


"This year, the economy in its current state has really hurt a lot of people. So this week’s meme is about spreading holiday cheer on a budget!" ~ from Friday Fun

1. Did you do the so fun Black Friday shopping? No, but we did do some online shopping!Did you get any really good deals? Yes, I think so! And, it is so much easier then fighting the crowds, that's for sure!
2. Does your family do gifts for everyone or do you draw names? We have been meaning to do the name drawing thing, but we all live in different parts of the states now! I wonder if there is a virtual way of doing it? hmmmmm
3. About how many people do you have to gift this year? Too many! haha (j/k!)

4. How about that big holiday meal? We don't know what we are doing for a holiday meal yet, but it is just going to be me, Dave, Oma, and the twins this year...so whatever we have, it won't be too big or pricey.
5. What are your top 5 tips for saving money this year on gifts? Well, my advice is a little bit late...because I did most of my Christmas shopping this summer! If you see something on sale that you think someone would like for Christmas, grab it, even if it is only May or June :) They also tend to jack up the prices right before the holidays too, so shop early...that's my advice! That is my top 1 tip, I got nothing else, sorry!

Childhood Indulgences

  1. When did you last have a mid-day nap? Oh wow, ummm, maybe a couple of months ago? I try to have one every day while the kids are napping, but it never works out!
  2. When did you last have milk and cookies? Ohhh, the other night....love the Oreo's :)
  3. When did you last have a bubble bath? Not since I was pregnant
  4. When did you last jump on the furniture? I was probably 6 or 7?
  5. When did you last play in the mud? When I was 4, my brother and I used to make mud pie's and we actually took a bite once...it didn't taste like brown sugar :( soooo disappointing!


Salena said...

You're so cute, these are fun little Questions..and it's fun to learn more about you! Summing it up: CUte, FuN and FUn! :)