Is he Korean?

his weekend we went to the commissary @ a "nearby" AFB ....we go every other week or so and stock up on baby food and whatnot. Anyways...most of the people who work the check outs are older Korean women (I think I have mentioned them before?), and there is this one lady who says the SAME thing to us every time! We go often enough for her to remember us, but she still acts as if she is seeing us for the first time...and she always points to my husband and asks, "Is he Korean?", and I say no, he is Chinese....I don't even go into the whole Indonesian thing now cause it just confuses her. Then she will say to him, "You look more Korean then Chinese!". He just smiles and nods and we try to get out of there as fast as possible before the other ladies come over and hijack Peanut from us and show her to the other ladies. She did look at Brayden this time and said he looked more asian then Bella. That's a first, nobody says that! I think it's true though...Bella looks like her dad who is asian so they just think she looks more asian...when really, she is just a white version of Dave. Brayden has the same coloring as Dave and his eyes are definitly more asian....Bella just looks like an Anime character, hehe.

So, next time she asks, I think I will just say...why yes, he IS Korean....good eye!