Saturday 6

1. How often do you visit a coffee shop? If you do, do you drink coffee there, or just pick it up to go? I don't get to go as often as I like since we now live in the middle of nowhere. I probably go once every other week when we are at the airforce base shopping. And I always take it to wander around the stores with.

2. What is the latest time of day you can drink regular coffee (or tea) without messing up your sleep? I can drink it anytime.....for me, when it comes to bedtime nothing keeps me from falling asleep.

3. What is the highest number of cups of coffee (or tea) you’ve had in a single day? I had a couple of pots...it was a bad day, haha

4. Take the quiz: What flavor of latte are you?

You Are a Pumpkin Latte

You are always up for a celebration. You are a very festive person.

You look forward to every holiday, and you are nostalgic for good times after they're over.

You appreciate the small things that make life special. You love little treats.

You often look at the world with childlike wonder. There's so much to enjoy!

5. Consider the highest price you’ve ever paid for a cup of coffee and the highest price you’ve paid for a gallon of gas: which of the two items was more expensive? Sadly, I think it was coffee! But that's my bodies fuel, so it's as important as gas :)

6. What is your favorite holiday-flavored coffee?
I don't like Holiday coffee, it always tends to have too much cinnamon in it for my taste.