Wednesday Media Mix

Wednesday Media Mix, 11.19.08

Listen: Name an album that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

"Till the Sun Turns Black" by Ray Lamontagne

Watch: Is there a movie you disliked at first, but then your mind was opened to it? If so, please explain.

I would have to say Rush Hour 1 & 2...I had never really gotten into them until my husband bought Rush Hour 3, and I thought it was funny.So he made me re-watch 1 & 2, and I realized that they were pretty hilarious. I think I just half assed watched them before because I wasn't open to "guy" movies at that time. Anywho...when Chris Tucker sings, it cracks me up. Here is my favorite moment:

Read: Same for books or stories: anything you didn’t like when you first read it, but eventually had a different perspective? Catcher in the Rye...I read it in school but I didn't appreciate it until I read it again a couple of years ago.


Salena said...

I tried watching Batman Begins like 3 times but would either fall asleep or get distracted. But when I finally watched it, I LOVED it! And I'm glad I did because I might not have been too excited to see "Dark Knight" and that one was AWESOME. Heath Ledger was amazing in it.